Women´s Liberation Halfway House (WLHH) was the first women’s refuge in Victoria and one of the first in Australia. We have a long and proud history of working together with women to provide safety and support to all women and their children.

We began in 1974, when a group of women formed the Women´s Liberation Halfway House (WLHH) in Victoria to provide support and accommodation for women and accompanying children fleeing from what was then called, domestic violence.

The intent of establishing WLHH was more than providing a safe house for women and children experiencing Domestic Violence – it was to make political statements regarding the status of women and children in society during that time.

2003 saw the start of several changes to our Collective framework model, and we appointed a Co-ordinator.   By 2006 further changes occurred with the development of a new Constitution. This saw the creation of a Manager position and a Committee of Management.   In 2010 the Constitution was again amended to change the governance model to a Board of Management.

WLHH is now governed by a Board of Management comprised of volunteers  from the broader community. The Board of Management solely consists of women, all from different professional backgrounds and skills. The Board of Management is committed to ensuring WLHH maintains its tradition of strong independent governance. WLHH is committed to empowering all women by respecting the right of the individual to make her own choices and feel valued.