Our Guiding Principles    

WLHH is a feminist organisation that emphasises consistency between its values and practice and is informed by a structural understanding of women’s disadvantage.

  • Access & Equity: All women who require our service are given equal access and are provided with a responsive and timely service.

  • Self-determination: We recognise women’s resilience and strengths and offer our service in a way that supports women to be in charge of their own decision making.

  • Flexibility: We are driven by the needs of the women who use our service. It is designed to reflect the uniqueness of each woman’s experiences.

  • Respect and Dignity: We provide a service that respects individual choices, experiences, cultures and rights to self-determination.

  • Best practice: We are committed to a culture that values service users´ input and ideas. Our practice is based on our experience of working with women as an ongoing cycle of development.

  • Holistic approach: The experience of family violence cannot be separated from a woman’s whole sense of well-being. We support women’s peace of mind through responding to the range of women’s needs which may include: health, housing, financial, legal, parenting, employment, migration and cultural needs.

  • Community obligations: We believe we have the obligation to take the knowledge we gain about women’s experiences and use it for the benefit of all women.